Torrential rain in Spain causes major flooding

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One man had to be rescued from his car by a firefighter in Spain’s eastern Castelló province
By Malu Cursino
BBC News

Several weather warnings have been issued across Spain as heavy rain causes major flooding across parts of the country.

Maximum red weather alerts are in place in the Madrid, Toledo and Cádiz regions.

Sunday’s football match between Atletico Madrid and Seville was suspended due to the torrential rain.

Residents in Madrid have been asked to stay at home due to “the exceptional and abnormal” rainfall, the mayor said.

In the Spanish capital alone, firefighters have been called to alleviate the situation in flooded roads 190 times.

In Les Cases d’Alcanar, Tarragona, roads were flooded after Storm Dana

Much of the rainfall, brought by Storm Dana, has been concentrated in Cádiz, Tarragona and Castelló – coastal regions across the country.

In the eastern province of Castelló, flooding led to firefighters rescuing a man trapped in his car, which was surrounded by waist-high flood water.

People have also been advised to avoid unnecessary trips in the north-eastern city of Alcanar, Tarragona – where 215 litres per square meter of rain has fallen in the past 24 hours.

Juan Carlos Penafiel, who was visiting the city, said he was woken up by the water entering his second-floor apartment.

“We organised amongst ourselves to make ropes with towels and bed sheets and used them to pull two young men who were grabbing on to columns,” he told Reuters news agency.

Local community in Santa Barabara, Tarragona, work together to clear away mud and debris from the path

“We pulled them to the top floor and saved them. It was terrifying, very very scary with small children, women. Nobody showed up, we were left alone to save ourselves,” he added.

Storm Dana has caused debris and mud to slide onto Spanish roads, while many vehicles have struggled to move in heavily flooded areas.

According to El Pais newspaper, some train services have been called off across Spain and drivers have been warned to avoid certain flooded roads in heavily flooded areas.

This weekend’s weather events follow a scorching hot summer in Spain and much of southern Europe.

A local resident in Les Cases d’Alcanar, had his house flooded as Storm Dana rages through the Iberian country

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