I’m A Celebrity: Nella Rose says Nigel Farage is ‘anti-immigrants’

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Nella Rose questioned Nigel Farage on his attitudes towards immigration
By Annabel Rackham
Culture reporter

Nella Rose has accused Nigel Farage of being anti-immigration on Wednesday’s episode of ITV’s I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!

The YouTuber said the former politician wanted people like her “gone” from the UK whilst discussing his policies to reduce immigration.

Rose said she had read online that Farage was “anti-immigrants”.

She also asked why black people didn’t like him.

Former UKIP and Brexit Party leader Farage replied by saying “You’d be amazed, they do,” and Rose replied: “So everyone hates you for no reason?”

Farage responded: “You can disagree with somebody, but to chuck around accusations the way they’ve been chucked around is grossly unfair.

“Anti-immigrant, right? No, no, all I’ve said is we cannot go on with the numbers coming to Britain that are coming.”

Whilst standing in the bath area of the camp, Rose pressed Farage on what the “problem” was with immigration and added that as someone who moved to the UK as a child she was “one of those numbers”.

Farage, who currently works as a presenter on GB News, said the number of people entering the UK was affecting GP appointments.

Rose, who has one million followers on Instagram and TikTok, replied: “I’m stopping you getting a GP appointment? You’re not getting an appointment because the NHS is lacking funding.

“I bet you anything if every single immigrant or from immigrant descent was to leave the UK, all your doctors gone, most of your doctors are Asian right? Most of your nurses are African women, right?

“You want us gone, that’s all I understood.”

Farage then said Rose was not listening to him, before adding: “We can agree to disagree.”

Nella Rose and Fred Sirieix had a heated conversation earlier in the week.

It’s not the first time that Farage has been questioned on his political beliefs in the I’m A Celebrity camp.

On Monday’s episode he was criticised by fellow contestant, First Dates star Fred Sirieix, about a poster he used in his campaign for the UK to leave the European Union during the 2016 referendum.

Sirieix said it was “shameful”, adding that Farage was “demonising migrants”.

Farage replied: “In your view it was, but it wasn’t.”

Sirieix also had a disagreement with Rose earlier in the week after a row around the campfire when he was cooking.

Discussing his bad eyesight, he told Nella: “I’m 51. I’m not 26 anymore am I? I could be your Dad”.

Rose, who had previous told him she had lost both her parents, said the comment made her feel “disrespected” and despite a later apology from Sirieix, added she no longer wanted to talk to him.

This year’s show is attracting lower viewing figures than last year, with the injection of two new contestants hoping to provide a boost.

Jockey Frankie Dettori and retired professional boxer Tony Bellew were announced as late arrivals on the show on Wednesday evening.

It was watched by 6.18m people, which includes live viewing and some, but not all of those who streamed the episode online.

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