National Lottery: Fermanagh couple say £3.8m jackpot feels unreal

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Jonny Johnston and Christina Williams from County Fermanagh are £3.8m better off

A couple from County Fermanagh who won £3.8m in the Lotto draw have said the win still “doesn’t feel real”.

Jonny Johnston and Christina Williams found out they won the jackpot just over a week before Christmas.

Mr Johnston was completing festive deliveries for Tesco hours before he discovered he held the winning ticket.

He was on a night out with colleagues on the Saturday when he got an email from the National Lottery saying there was “good news about his ticket”.

The 45-year-old went to bed thinking he had won a lucky dip, but woke up the next morning to realise he had scooped a much bigger prize.

“I was sitting on the edge of the bed on Sunday morning trying to make sense of what I was seeing,” he said.

“I just kept staring at the numbers on my account.

“I thought maybe I had won £38,000 but then there were too many zeroes.”

He then passed the phone to his partner of 25 years, Ms Williams who is an accountant, to check it was not a scam.

Only after their win was confirmed by the National Lottery team did the news begin to sink in.

‘Everyone was jumping around’

When the jackpot was confirmed, the lucky couple were then tasked with telling their three adult children about the win, leaving them in “disbelief” at the news.

“Then the screaming and shouting started and everyone was jumping around the kitchen cheering,” Mr Johnston added.

Departing from the typical images of champagne showers, the family decided to toast their winnings with a cup of coffee.

The couple are planning a trip abroad with some of their winnings

Not wanting to leave his colleagues in the lurch just before Christmas, the new multi-millionaire completed a click-and-collect shift at Tesco almost a week after finding out about his jackpot.

“I’m still in disbelief. This is a dream come true for me and my family,” he said.

“I’ve always worked hard, and this win will allow us to do things we could only ever have dreamt of before.”

Mr Johnston has played the lottery for more than 20 years and always uses the same numbers.

But he won a lucky dip in the previous week’s draw, and it was this extra ticket which came up trumps.

First time abroad

The couple said they would put some of their winnings towards some family time.

“I would love for us all to go to the Caribbean, maybe on a cruise as it sounds and looks incredible,” Mr Johnston said.

“We have never had a family holiday together. I just need to apply for my passport first.”

Also on the wish list is a vintage car, and a tractor for one of their children.

The win also allowed the family to put a few more presents under the Christmas tree, including designer handbags and a pair of £450 leather boots.

“I am incredible grateful and I’m still trying to wrap my head around it all,” Mr Johnston said.

Talking about why they wanted to go public, Ms Johnston said they did not want people to think they were hiding anything.

Mr Johnston added: “I just wanted to show it is possible, you always look and think it is fixed. I mean I have been doing it for 24 years.”

The couple also said that they will be continuing in their jobs for the time being.

“We need to keep our feet on the ground, it doesn’t make us different people,” said Ms Johnston.

“We like to work, it keeps us busy and gives you a purpose.”

The couple, who have been together for 25 years, had put off getting married due to the cost but are now adding that to their wish list.

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